How these guitars are made

Nothing in these guitars is second rate. All lines of guitars start with premium quartersawn woods that are hand selected for me in British Columbia.

The top and back are hand carved, starting with careful terracing of the
outside profile and the smoothing of the lines.

The inside profile is then carved to precise thicknesses to achieve the highest tonal qualities.

F-holes are cut into the top to allow for maximal sound projection and traditional styling

Internal braces are hand fitted and carved to strengthen the top and support the bridge; end blocks, side braces and linings further strengthen the body. Only traditional hot hide glue is used in the assembly process. This glue is extremely hard and strong so it doesn't dampen sound transmission and helps the guitar achieve its optimal acoustic properties.

The body is then assembled and binding channels are cut and fitted to protect the delicate end-grains of the tone woods. A rebate is then carved into both the top and back plates to allow them to move more freely and "tune" the body to its optimal tone.

The neck is made from a single piece of flamed maple. A double action truss rod is fitted for maximal control of neck geometry and a finger board extension is fitted to project over the body.

An ebony fingerboard is hand cut, inlaid with mother of pearl position markers, bound and fretted before assembly with the body.

The headstock is inlaid with mother of pearl and bound so that all lines of the guitar flow together.

The neck is now profiled for smooth, comfortable and easy playability.

The guitar is now assembled using an ultra-strong dovetail joint.

Many layers of traditional nitrocellulose lacquer are sprayed onto the finished guitar and it is allowed to sit for three weeks to allow curing before the final wet sanding and buffing processes take place.

The first question that most people ask me is, "How long does it take to make one of these?" It takes over 100 hours to make a single guitar. For example, it takes over 14 hours to carve the top and back. However, once you play one of these guitars I think that you will agree that they are well worth the time and effort.

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